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O`ahu . Hawai`i ONLY
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1020 Keolu Drive, Enchanted Lake-Kailua

EMAIL: springs@paradisebutterfly.com
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Mass Butterfly Release

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Hawaii Butterfly Live Release
Hawaii's butterfly count is down 81%, as we battle the devastation of caterpillars from island-wide overuse of pesticides, GMO intrusion and recent introduction of invading insects. Just when our flutters were in the restoration process, the February 2015 severe winds arrived bringing major damage to our habitat and uprooting host plants that our precious 'Pulelehua' need to survive.
habitat damagebutterfly habitat
Rather than rebuild and stay in harms way, we have made the decision to move the butterfly habitat to safer ground. We will be in the process of relocating the butterfly habitat form Kahaluu to Kailua during the summer of 2015.
Butterfly availability will be dependent on how fast they acclimate to their new environment. We should have small amounts available for release by the beginning of September 2015 increasing in supply as the Pulelehua thrives. Please check back with us one week before your event. Butterflies live only 2 weeks so until they stabilize, confirmation will need to be last minute to save possible disappointment caused by a guesstimate. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Mahalo for your support of Hawaii's Butterfly Restoration project.
Our natural environment and the people destroying it need healing. Please know that we will do everything possible to make your wish a reality. Trust that all of our Pulelehua are hand raised and kept out of harms way until all is restored to balance and safety.

*Orders must be received no later than 48 hrs before your event
*It's First Come First Serve! Let Us Know What You Need and When!
*Pick Up is arranged by, appointment, in Enchanted Lake-Kailua

EMAIL Orders: springs@paradisebutterfly.com
Live Butterfly Release Hawaii

Hawaiian Butterfly Restoration Project
Remember to Come Back for our butterfly availablility updates. You are always welcome. E Komo Mai!
Please send an email. You will be notified if butterflies become available.
Monarch Beginning

EMAIL ...Be sure to include this info:
  • Name, contact email, cell #
  • How many Butterflies needed?
  • Date - time - location of your event
Until restoration is achieved our Pulelehua supply is unknown.
To save disappontment, ALL orders are placed on a WISH LIST

If any butterflies become available you will be notified during the chrysalis stage which makes confirmation possible.
Payment is made by secure on-line
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Butterfly Release Hawaii
Individual Butterfly Release
Individual Butterfly Release
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Monarch eggMonarch Butterfly HawaiiMonarch ChrysalisHawaiian Monarch
Our Pulelehua Project is dedicated to the restoration of Hawaii`s Monarch butterflies. If you wish to raise caterpillars or donate support - let us know! We have a hui of volunteers who have created safe habitats to caretake and foster breeding.


Be a part of the solution and CONTACT springs@paradisebutterfly.com ~Your Kokua Please~
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Butterfly Hawaii

Butterfly Release Hawaii

A Paradise Butterfly Release - in celebration of any special event - will inspire a memorable and unique experience to be cherished for a lifetime. Releasing butterflies is a magical and unique experience that will put a smile on anyones face. Their shimmering beauty and graceful flight are a wonder to young and old alike. Our beautiful hand raised "Monarch Pulelehua" (butterflies) will surprise and delight your guests at any unforgettable occasion. We offer a variety of release packages to suit your specific needs and always welcome custom requests. Our butterflies are carefully raised with tender loving care and guaranteed healthy and strong as they join you in a spectacular affirmation of life's passages.

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All proceeds are used as a fundraiser to Save and Restore the Hawaiian Monarch Butterfly
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